Corporate Social Responsibility

At SiteMasters, we realise that as a company we have Corporate Social
Responsibilities and have to give something back – back to our community and to the
world around us.

We are dedicated to a long-running programme of charity work and environmental awareness and realise that we must endeavour to consistently build, uphold and improve our reputation, not only within the company, but within the vast variety of areas and communities that we live and work.

SiteMasters actively seeks to ensure all its services adhere to its CSR corporate aims, wherever they impact on environment, people, governance, community and supply chain.

Our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the 2017/18 financial year can be found at the link below:

SiteMasters Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2017/18


Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability at SiteMasters PLC

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to construction, and here at SiteMasters we take this very seriously. What sustainability means to us is more than just a corporate responsibility – it speaks to our local communities and the communities that will follow in the years to come. We believe in projects that will enhance people’s lives within our local boroughs and nationally. We are in the position to assist the creation of homes, schools and other essentials of life and we look forward to seeing them make a positive impact for a long time to come.  Furthermore, we understand that we have a vital responsibility as a company to consider and minimise our impact on the environment and we continuously review our policies to ensure we do as much as we can.

Section 106 Agreement

Upon entering a Section 106 Agreement, the Main Contractors and Developers agree to certain obligations. These requirements must be adhered to and this is where SiteMasters unrivaled experience and expertise comes into play.

Here at SiteMasters we are experts and we enjoy making the agreement work for both parties involved. By partnering with local authorities we will ensure YOU the Main Contractor achieve your targets of Section 106 by recruiting locally, reducing travel time and cost and most importantly ‘giving’ back to the local residents and communities.

Involvement with Local Communities

At SiteMasters, we realise our work effects everyone around us and therefore we realise the importance of devoting  time to ensuring that we partake in and organise Job and Community Fairs and assist with Career Guidance. SiteMasters has been actively involved in many organisations in the local community such as Ravenswood School, Bromley and Beckenham Rugby Club.

Every community is different and at SiteMasters we understand that people are too. This variety is something to be embraced and therefore we are stringent in our beliefs that fair employment must be offered to all regardless of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or disability. We are proud to have had a huge variety of people work for us over the years, all who have contributed different talents or skill sets to the company, that have meant we are who we are today.

Fundraising and Charitable Endeavours

SiteMasters are committed to helping worthy causes and are delighted to have supported many widely recognised charities and organisations over the years raising thousands of pounds. We have been frequently involved with a selection of charities including: