Health and Safety

‘NIL reportable accidents to date since our establishment’

At SiteMasters, we take health and safety extremely seriously and although we work in an industry that has one of the highest fatality rates, we are extremely proud to announce that we have had no reportable accidents over the past 25 years.

The Construction industry is considered one of the world’s most risky sectors, with nearly 13 workers per 100 000 being killed whilst working on construction jobs according to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

People who work in construction undertake some of society’s most important jobs. Construction workers build our houses, roads, schools and workplaces alongside building and maintaining a variety of other infrastructures that are integral for the normal maintenance of our society. Therefore, to ensure the utmost safety of our workers, at SiteMasters we have many strict rules and legislations that must be enforced on site. Any slight breach of these regulations will result in workers being pulled off the jobs.

Health and safety is a major concern for all companies, especially those dealing with construction and we strive to maintain our flawless record.

Health & Safety should be a main priority for everyone in the industry and therefore at SiteMasters, we ensure our entire professional workforce is English speaking and 100% CSCS accredited as a minimum. Nevertheless, should your services require specialist multi-lingual workers, we endeavour to provide these services too.

Additionally, all CSCS cards are verified with the CITB computer prior to operatives registering with us and the cards are maintained at our offices and reviewed in line with their expiry dates.

In addition to our internal Health and Safety Manager we have an external expert which has significantly enhanced our safety awareness and helped us achieve an exceptional safety record that is second to none.

All registered workers receive a copy of our ‘Operative Rules’, together with our general policy statement and must sign and declare that they fully understand these regulations. Furthermore, all workers agree to attend site inductions and must read and comply with all safety notices.

We welcome the opportunity of partnering with like-minded companies to help greatly improve the accident statistics in our industry.