HR Solution Experts

SiteMasters are a flexible, specialist HR Service Provider that will time and time again deliver expert HR solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.

More and more frequently, companies are looking to consolidate all of their staffing requirements with one, sole recruitment agency- taking away all the time, pressure and worry that often occurs when there is not one single expert handling your recruitment needs.

By recruiting SiteMasters as your HR specialist, we will handle all the complications that are associated with the field of employment, whilst leaving you to be able to invest your time in your areas of specialisation. We understand that professional and expert HR advice alongside good practise and implementation is advantageous to any company and that the majority of HR solution customers will reap the benefits and rewards for years to come.

We have the ability to provide your company with cost-effective HR services that will be specifically tailored to suit your exact needs, in alignment with your business objectives. By using our HR services, we will supply you not only with both the temporary and permanent staff from whichever sectors you require, but also with greater consistency, support and special assistance.

A few of the services that we are proud to provide:

  • Professional HR Consultancy and Employment Services
  • Professional, Bespoke HR Services and Analysis
  • HR Administration Services
  • Health and Safety Services and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Payroll Services

We pride ourselves on having been the consultants of choice for a variety of companies and organisations within both the public and private sectors. We believe that we were chosen not only because of our reputable excellence, but because we have the ability to provide all types of assistance, including both short-term and long term, as well as handling any requirements you may have that are of a specialised nature.

We understand that time is money and that you would not be looking at our website unless you wanted to formulate a more sound HR solution for your company. Therefore we will devote to you all the time you need to ensure that every one of your needs is met promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we will assist you with the transmission and implementation of the agreed HR Solution and be available to you whenever needs be to ensure that by choosing SiteMasters, you receive a superior service that is second to none. Your chosen HR Consultant will give you advice via telephone, visit, fax or email and be on hand 24/7 to deal with any urgent matters.

By using SiteMasters as your HR Solution expert, we will work with you in close partnership to ensure that your precise needs are met down to the finest detail, so that both your company and ours continue to ‘Get It Right, First Time’.

To find out more about SiteMasters HR services, please call one of our directors on 020 3142 8262, to discuss your needs with a specialist HR Solution expert today.