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China to soar over the Burj Khalifa: the latest construction competition


A popular feature of articles that I frequently encounter in construction news is which ‘astounding’ city/country/developer has managed to build the tallest swanky new skyscraper. But since when did building become entirely consumed by who could build the ‘biggest and the best’ and what does this obsession mean for quality? Perhaps our age old competitive attitudes and desire for an aesthetically pleasing world are in part to blame for the mostly unimproved state of our construction sector.

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Flat-Pack Homes the Future for London Council


An interesting new scheme in London promises to build a range of new flat-pack homes in just eleven days. Fulham Council is launching the scheme and hoping that the latest wave of flat-pack homes will provide a range of benefits, from getting residents into much-needed homes quickly to boosting the local economy with skilled labour hire for the project’s duration. Continue reading

HR Departments Seeking to Slash the Cost of Recruiting


Shocking recent research shows that the HR departments within major contractors are looking to drastically cut their labour hire costs and they are using the internet to help them do so. Many companies now believe that they can save money by moving away from the traditional model of labour hire agencies and specialist construction recruitment agencies and instead go online to source staff, cutting out the middleman. Continue reading

Company Expansion in the Midst of the Economic Recession


The last four years have been challenging for many recruitment companies but few sectors have been hit as badly as the construction industry. Recent positive news regarding the economy’s overall return to growth has been more promising, but the caveat was that the construction industry had again contracted. Conditions in construction look set to remain tough for some time yet, with depressed demand, reduced spending in the public sector and a lack of confidence in the property sector.

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Working in the Construction Industry in the Digital Age


The digital world continues to evolve at a heady pace and it is having a growing impact on all industries, including the construction industry. Nevertheless, it’s something to be embraced because digital developments such as apps have great potential to improve the way we work and grow our construction businesses. Here are just a few example of some of the latest apps targeted at construction and related technologies. All of these can be accessed by a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Continue reading