“Once again many thanks and I look forward to our ongoing relationship contributing to our mutual success.”

– Galliford Try Interiors

“I thank you and your team most sincerely for a magnificent effort in completing your works on time which enabled Bluewater to open successfully…..Thanks once again and congratulations for a job well done.”

– Lend Lease Projects Ltd

“The co- mpletion of [the project] on time, within budget and to quality is seen as a significant achievement. There is a high level of satisfaction and favourable comments have been made by the Director.”

– Bank of England

“I am pleased to report that we found this supplier invaluable. They have demonstrated genuine commitment in respect of their contractual obligation, often beyond reasonable expectations.”

– Lewisham Streetcare

“I would like to thank you for the excellent service your company has provided over the last 5 years – every phase has been handed over on time and within budget.”

– HEERY International Ltd

“We have been most demanding upon SiteMasters, not only for them to provide adequate labour and tradesmen, but also to expand this labour force to meet critical programme accelerations – Overall [the project] has been a success story and we have no hesitation in commending the part played by SiteMasters in this attainment.”

– Trollope & Colls Management Ltd

“Very professional service.”

– Mansell Construction Services Ltd

“I take being an Ambassador seriously, we are all part of one team.”

– Cook Fabrications Ltd

Candidate Testimonials

“Having worked for SiteMasters for the past 14 years, I just wanted to say thank you for giving my son a job too”

– Gerald M.

“I feel my strengths are always taken into consideration when I am placed on a new project.”

– Paul W.

“I’m really pleased that you always think of me first for weekend work.”

– Frank B.

“… I seem to be the first person on a project and the last to finish…. Welfare is an important job!”

– Anthony H.

“I was delighted to receive my bonus for winning the Worker of Month Scheme, I promise to spend it wisely!!!”

– Lee C.

“All the encouragement, support and guidance is really appreciated.”

– Milton S.

“…SiteMasters really are the best, they always listen to us on site and treat us with respect…”

– Mick K.